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"o" as in "top"

Current and suggested spellings


This is the spelling when the project started
this is shorter than the other alternative and it feels closer to how it should be pronounced
This is the current English spelling. However, the sound of the 'o' is more lie an 'a' - in IPA, it is ɒ, which is closer to an 'a'
The current spelling in this website is an american pronunciation of the sound 'o' in 'top'!
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Posted by:
top is spelled ta:p in American English dictionary. taap would be an OK spelling in S-P for that dialect. I prefer to use the UK dialect where o = /@/ a short vowel that makes it possible to spell fox and dog the same way. foks & dog rather than faaks and dawg. SaypYu often uses o for /O:/. If it is a clear /O;/ as in bought boot or bo:t might be appropriate. All bought Paul a present. ol bo:t pol ɘ prezɘnt.
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Posted by: Steve
Teach 100 5 year olds the saypyu alfabet. Make sure they know it correctly. Say a word. Let them all write it down. What is the average spelling that comes out ?
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Posted by: willyvan
The 'o' in 'top' and similar words ("fox', 'hot' etc.) is a simple, short 'o' in RP, and is thus best represented by the letter 'o'. This is where we are going to run into problems, because a short 'o' does not exist in American English - it is always pronounced as a long 'aaa'.
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Posted by: Dogmatix
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Traditional : SaypYu
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