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"u" as in "run"

Current and suggested spellings


This is the spelling when the project started
the sound of the u in run is longer than the sound of a schwa. How about we add an 'a' after the schwa?
sounds like 'a' as in cat
The 'u' in 'run' is approximately pronounced like a 'u'. Should we keep the traditional spelling?
This alternative spelling is more intuitive for a native English speaker. However, some of the non-English speakers might interpret it as ROON
If anyone can think of other ways for representing this sound in SaypYu, please add a comment/alternative here
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Posted by: SaypYu
The sound of ɘ in run in British English is different from the sound of ɘ in agree!!
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Posted by:
The spelling rɘn for /rVn/ is correct according to the SaypYu GP table. There are always variations in the way that individuals pronounce and hear words but they are rarely phonemic. If the UK dictionary says the accepted pronunciation is /rVn/ then there is no issue. The only possible issue is whether or not rɘn is the best way to represent a stressed phoneme. Perhaps rɘɘn or rɘ:n or r'ɘn SP uses the same symbol for both /V/ and /@/.
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Posted by: Steve
Maybe a LED representation of sound like in the LEDs of radio's could be a way of representing sound in general. Let 100 people say "run" - record it - compare the LED representation of it - average it out - ... and now we need Einstein's grandchildren to come up with a simple way to represent that.
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Posted by: willyvan
The 'u' in 'run' is pronounced like a 'u', so I'd say just leave it as 'run'.
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Posted by: Dogmatix
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